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In today’s world, self-care is a very popular term. But what is it? People may envision self-care as sitting back, eyes closed, extremely at peace. That idea is not wrong, but self-care can be so much more.


Self-care is anything you do to take care of yourself. It is taking time to improve your physical and mental health. There are many different things in life that demand attention and may present as urgent. Self-care shouldn’t be pushed to the bottom of a priority list. Appropriate self-care can lower the risk of illness, improve your mood, and increase energy.


Self-care is joy, relaxation, and fun that is specific to the individual. What may deplete the energy of one person could rejuvenate another. It’s a misconception is that self-care is a luxury. Examples of self-care include cooking, watching a movie, reading a book, taking a bath, or going out with friends. Your self-care should be something that brings you joy and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.


Before you begin to feel drained or burned out, take the first step in self-care. Evaluate where you spend your time and energy. Look for ways to incorporate joy and relaxation into your daily work. Make plans to use your time off doing things that make you feel stronger and healthier. A healthy professional is a better professional.


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